21 de May de 2016

Cultural Management and Audience Development

Since 1999, we have been working to strengthen the relation between museums and their audiences. Initially focusing on museum communication, we have spread the range of our services to formal and non-formal education services, specialized training, cultural management and audience development.

Managing culture is a process that, to us, is always designed for the accomplishment of clearly defined goals, and we see audience development as a form of institutional accomplishment as well as personal growth. We ‘think outside the box’, and invite our partners and clients to do the same, trying to find new, better and more creative solutions to the problems cultural institutions face when dealing with their audiences.

We have a light-weight structure supported by a network of partners and freelancers that help us provide high quality products and solutions, always aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients.

Our past experiences have led us to different and challenging areas, from educational services to exhibition design, acquiring new competences and skills, gaining new friends, always focusing on the belief that culture can bring people together.


Prémio APOM – Melhor Serviço de Extensão Cultural 2011 Museu Nacional do Traje, by APOM

Prémio APOM – Melhor Serviço de Extensão Cultural 2012 Museu da Água da EPAL, by APOM