21 de May de 2016

Museum Marketing & Retail

Because Culture is an increasingly important sector in the Economies of most countries, we understand that cultural assets and services should be accompanied by complementary services, providing a richer experience to audiences, as well as new markets for creators of cultural products.

With this premisse in mind, we started our brokering project for museum stores, Oceanos, which aims to promote new creators and their work in the cultural and creative sector, while providing museum stores with innovative and site specific items.

Our latest venture has led us to manage the Coffee Shop and Store at the Portuguese Navy Museum, where we have had the opportunity to perfect our methodologies regarding museum marketing and retailing, and which we still use as a living laboratory for experiments in this field – a treat that works for the benefit of our customers, as well as our clients.


Our Stores

Loja do Museu de MarinhaOceanos Store


Prémio Saudade ® 2015, by Saudade Magnetic Portugal

Prémio APOM – Melhor Merchandising 2016 Museu de Marinha Store, by APOM