21 de May de 2016

Museum Experiences and Educational Tools

Our approach puts people ahead of technology, which is seen as a tool rather than an end in itself. Our museum experiences pretend to be human, expressive and questioning, nurturing the debate on issues as a complement to a traditional exposure to scientifically and technically built content. Our educational tools are specifically built to provide in-depth access to a theme, as if they were packaged lessons, gathering text materials with physical objects in a prêt-a-porter format.

We work with a network of free-lancers and consultants that garantee the quality of our work, making sure it reaches the demands of our clients.

Because Culture, like People, is ever changing, we provide unique solutions, built for specific demands and contexts, considering both the needs of our clients, and the expectations of their audiences.

Whenever possible, we incorporate some form of interactivity in our products, either through the use of technological tools, or by more traditional methods, driving audiences to engage with the contents, and with each other.

We develop:

Travelling Exhibitions | Museum Exhibitions | Installations | Games | Educational Kits