Escher in Oporto: Educational activities and mediation

Between February 28, 2019 and July 28, the Porto Customs Congress Center presented a large retrospective exhibition, with 135 works, dedicated to the Dutch artist M. C. Escher.

Following the success of the exhibition in several European cities and the USA, the organization – Arthemisia, the world’s leading exhibition organization company, and the Escher Foundation – decided to bring the exhibition to Porto. “We had the confirmation of the great cultural vitality that animates Portugal. So we decided to expand the exhibition to the wonderful city of Porto, ”said Arthemisia’s president, Iole Siena.

Curated by Mark Valdhuisen, director of MC Escher Company, and Frederico Guidiceandrea, a great expert on the artist’s work, the exhibition showed us the creative path of the great visionary genius that enchanted the minds of scientists and the fantasy of graphic artists. exerting a huge influence on the art world.

Mapa das Ideias took over the Educational and Cultural Mediation Service, developing guided tours for the school public, families and organised groups, as well as senior universities.

In this project, Mapa das Ideias also provided the group outreach and scheduling service.