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Mapa das Ideias is a Portuguese private-owned company dedicated to the relationship between museums, audiences and communities, since 1999. Our expertise in museum and cultural communication has led to the creation and development of mediation tools and projects, working in different cultural and artistic settings.

Initially focused on museum communication, Mapa das Ideias has broadened its services to other niches in the cultural and creative economy, providing consulting services (from audience development to communication planning) as well as a variety of solutions from learning kits to exhibition design for a number of different clients.

We have a lightweight structure, simultaneously multidisciplinary and specialized, focused on research, content and creativity. Constant research and networking projects invites synergies or innovative products and processes.

Our work principles put people and ideas ahead of technology, which is seen as a tool rather than a purpose in itself. Creativity, training and research are promoted by us, to our staff and partners, as well as to our clients, as decisive factors regarding competitiveness.

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The people that make Mapa das Ideias possible
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CFO and Founder
MA in Sociology, founder of Mapa das Ideias and member of ICOM, she leads the project and management departments in the company and has led training programs for museum professionals, and Education Services Programmes for several Portuguese museums.
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CEO and Founder
Founder of Mapa das Ideias, member of ICOM and ESA and professor at the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, she has been responsible for the development of key projects in Portuguese museums, and is the author of several articles and whitepapers on Museums and their audiences.
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Research and Content Developer
Graduate in Modern and Contemporary History, she is responsible for content development and research and has contributed in projects involving audience management and content adaptation to different audiences.
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Design and Technology
Graduated in Architecture, he has worked as an art director, and print and digital developer since 2008. He is responsible for art and digital development and product design, coordinating the arts, technology and design teams.
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Ivo Oosterbeek

Project Management
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Sofia Borges

Cultural Products
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Catarina Peixoto

Cultural Programming and Mediation
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Cristina Reboredo